Hamilton Linen & Uniform is an ImageFIRST Company focused on
providing quality linen services to the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.

Enhancing Quality. Improving Experience.

High-quality linen products are essential for your restaurant & food and beverage clients. Pristine linens help improve a patron’s experience. Hamilton offers businesses a personalized linen program with superior service and products to better serve their clients.

From tablecloths and staff aprons, to floor mats and air fresheners, Hamilton offers a wide range of products to help your business succeed. We automatically repair or upgrade your linens to meet and exceed your linen standards and follow strict quality assurance processes to ensure your linen is pristine. With our many linen options, your team can impress your clients and improve their dining experience.

Quality Restaurant & Food and Beverage Linen Products

Quality Linen Products

We prioritize products and processes first. We pair great linens with quality assurance processes ensuring the best appearance for your restaurant & food and beverage clients.

Our wide variety of superior products include:

  • Uniforms
    • Front of house (servers, aprons, uniforms)
    • Back of house (chef/kitchen apparel)
  • Table Linen (tablecloths, napkins)
  • Towels (bar, utility, microfiber, grill, dish)
  • Microfiber Mop (dust & wet mops, microfiber) cleaning solutions
  • Floor Mats (scraper mats, mats, anti-fatigue mats) for dust control
  • Facility Services (paper towels dispensers, restroom supplies, hand hygiene, air fresheners)

Five Point Product Quality System

Hamilton performs a five point product inspection system to provide you with the best possible linen products for your business. We understand the importance of pristine, superior linen products to enhance your business, staff productivity, and clients’ experience. Our Five Point Product Quality System includes:

  1. We follow a robust wash process for an effective, consistent clean.
  2. A softener is then applied, preventing bacteria from spreading should they land on the products during their use.
  3. Linen is thoroughly inspected for stains or rips. If they do not meet our standard, we discard them.
  4. We wrap our linen in plastic for in-transit and storage cleanliness.
  5. A third-party performs monthly inspections in our plant to certify that we meet or exceed laundering standards.

Don’t settle for regular linens with average service. Hamilton provides pristine, quality linens with remarkable service to elevate the dining experience in the restaurant & food and beverage industries.