Hamilton Linen & Uniform is an ImageFIRST Company focused on
providing quality linen services to the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.

Quality Assurance & Cleanliness

In the restaurant & food and beverage industries, safety, quality, and cleanliness are essential for a positive customer experience. At Hamilton, our linens are high-quality and hygienically clean for your restaurant to perform its best.

Our professional team helps restaurants & food and beverage businesses follow food safety and health code guidelines when it comes to linen. We thoroughly wash, decontaminate, and plastic-wrap our linens for maximum cleanliness. The Hamilton Food and Beverage plants meets or exceeds local and federal commercial laundering standards.

Cleanliness & Safety That Exceeds Standards


We provide only the pristine and safest linens for our clients. Your restaurant & food and beverage business can count on our team to consistently deliver linen products that meet or exceed your standards.

  • Clean, packaged, hand-inspected linen designed with food safety in mind.
  • We follow all recommended temperatures and washing times to ensure an effective, consistent wash.
  • After a decontaminating wash, a bacteriostat softener is applied, preventing any bacteria that may land on the products during their use from spreading.
  • Plastic-wrapped linen for in-transit and storage cleanliness.
  • Linen is thoroughly inspected for stains or rips. If items do not meet our standard, we discard them so you can feel assured your linens are pristine.
  • A third party performs monthly inspections in our plant to ensure all equipment and processes meet or exceed laundering standards.

A Superior Clean

Don’t stress about dirty linens that won’t pass health and safety codes. Hamilton serves restaurants and food and beverage facilities in both the Northern Colorado region with hygienically clean linens. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality linens and the remarkable service that comes with our linen rental program.