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providing quality linen services to the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.

Flooring Dust/Dirt Products

With the increase in cleanliness and safety concerns, businesses are looking for ways to minimize the spread of bacteria and keep common points of infection clean.

Mops are necessary to ensure your restaurant or food and beverage facility looks professional and keep your staff and patrons safe. These cleaning items must be exchanged regularly and cleaned for your business.

Hamilton offers a variety of floor mops, including wet and dust mops, to help with the various cleaning duties in the restaurant & food and beverage industries. With our linen rental and laundry fully managed program, we will deliver and replenish your requested mops to help your business run smoothly.

A Complete Restaurant & Food and Beverage Mop Rental & Laundering Program

Wet Mop - Flooring Mop Restaurant & food and beverage businesses rely on high-quality, functioning mops to keep their facility clean and safe for staff and customers. These mops are used to clean, wipe up messes, and control dust. Hamilton offers a fully managed restaurant & food and beverage mop rental and laundering program to help with your needs. We offer a variety of mops to ensure your staff has what they need.

Regardless of your restaurant & food and beverage specialty – traditional, fast food, catering, venue locations, and more – we have the appropriate mops for you. Your staff is constantly using mops to clean and ensure your space remains safe for customers. Our program consistently restocks and replaces your mop supply to maintain a professional appearance and optimum cleanliness.

Our wet and dust mops are part of our fully managed linen program, which includes a Customer Advocate for your business. This dedicated Hamilton Linen & Uniform representative delivers laundered, packaged mops and other linens as requested. Additionally, your Customer Advocate restocks the mops, manages inventory, and becomes a part of your team to free up your staff’s time and help your business to enhance your customers’ experience.

Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

We know your staff needs high-quality mops to keep your facility looking its best and enhancing your customers’ experience. Hamilton guarantees our fully managed program and linens will meet or exceed your expectations. For restaurant & food and beverage facilities needing to upgrade their service, our team works with you to provide your mops and other linens.

Our mop line features cleaning items that make your staffs’ job easier. We meet your expectations while prioritizing cleanliness and function to benefit your business. Contact us to receive more information!

Wet Mop


The Synergy wet mop is designed for bleach and mildew-resistance. Made with 6-ply 100% synthetic yarn and looped ends to eliminate tangling. Double tailbands for a wide surface area and even coverage.

Wet Mop
Dust Mop

Blue (24”), Green (36”), Yellow (48”), Red (60”)

Designed to prevent fraying or unraveling. Strong synthetic backing lasts through mop’s life.

Dust Mop
Wet Mop Handle

Durable nylon jaws securely grip wide headbands. Soiled mops can be removed without touching. Plastic assembly will not rust or support bacterial growth. Fiberglass handle.

Mop Handle
Dust Mop Handle/Frame

Metal frame with a wooden handle designed to fit our standard dust mop.

Handle Frame

Our program revolves around making mops stress-free. Call our linen experts today to learn more about our linen rental and laundering services.