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providing quality linen services to the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.

Professionally Managed Facility Services in Denver, CO

Because of the recent increase in cleanliness and safety concerns, restaurants across Denver are looking for ways to minimize the spread of bacteria and to keep the spread of contaminates at a minimum. Our team at Hamilton Linen & Uniform offers fully managed facility services programs that ensure your staff will have what they need when they need it.
Our team provides a variety of facility service products to keep restrooms and other high-trafficked areas in your business fully supplied. Our facility services range from restroom supply replacements, such as hand hygiene and air fresheners, to floor mat and mop cleaning and replacement to keep your environment clean for patrons. With our worry-free programs, you never have to worry if you have enough supplies on-hand for your business.
Facility Services Soap and Towel Dispensers in Bathroom - Denver, CO
Our team strives to deliver the best to your business when you need it most. With our needs-based inventory, your team can also order additional items as your needs and patron levels change.

Providing Denver's Best Complete Food and Beverage Facility Services, Rentals, and Laundering Programs

Our team offers facility services for the food and beverage industry in Denver and the surrounding areas. Restaurants & food and beverage businesses require constant upkeep to ensure you are meeting the needs of your customers. From soap replacements to clean cloths, mops, and mats, our fully managed food and beverage facility services are designed to fit your unique needs. We’ll help you stay stocked and manage the inventory of towels, mats, mops, and other facility products so you can focus on providing excellent customer service to your patrons.

No matter what your food and beverage specialty, our team has your back. From traditional dining to fast food, catering, venues, and more – we know what you need and will help you stay organized. Our inventory includes paper towel dispensers, hand hygiene products, mats, mops, and other restroom supplies.

Our team will work directly with you to establish a delivery schedule that suits your inventory and frequency needs, so your staff never needs to worry about running out of supplies.

Contact Hamilton Linen & Uniform for Food and Beverage Facility Services in Denver

If you need to keep your facility supplied with its safety and hygiene needs, the Hamilton Linen & Uniform team can help. We work directly with food and beverage managers across the Denver region and beyond. Contact our team today by calling 303-287-9616 or by filling out our online contact form.